Need Help?

Tech Nerd Services provide experienced technicians to diagnose and resolve issues with your home electronics.


Computer startup problems

Pressing the power button only to have nothing happen? Or does the screen turn on but stop at the logo. Give us a shout and one of our technicians can arrive on site to assist you in reviving your computer.

Virus removal

Are pop-ups taking over your computer? Does your device speed crawl? Tech Nerd Services can help you take back your computer by removing viruses and malware from your computer.



Poor internet connections

If you experience wifi ‘dead zones’ at your location or slow internet speeds, Tech Nerd Services can diagnose and provide solutions to increase reliability of your internet connection.

Printer errors

Having trouble connecting your tablet to your printer? Or is your printer not printing from your computer. Tech Nerd Services can solve software related issues arising from your printer.

Supported printer brands: HP, EPSON™, Canon®, and Brother®



Device setup

Tech Nerd Services can setup your devices according to your needs and ensure it is fully functional on location. Whether it is a mobile device or a home office, we can assist in setting up your devices.

Data Backup

Be proactive and allow Tech Nerd Services to help backup important documents and photos. We can setup local or off-site backups so you do not have to worry about losing precious files.



Software management

Rid your devices of bloatware that slow down your computer and other mobile devices. Tech Nerd Services can remove unnecessary programs and update necessary ones. In addition, we can educate our clients about maintaining the software on their devices.

Parental Controls Setup

Statistics reveal that teens are not getting enough sleep due to excessive mobile device use at night. Tech Nerd Services can setup Parental Controls so that your children’s internet shuts down every night without shutting down yours.



Email organization

Email inboxes can become overloaded and inefficient forms of communication. Tech Nerd Services offers strategies for managing your email effieciently. Learn how to remove spam and create an email management system that ensure that important emails are read first.