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Your needs are important. At Tech Nerd Services, we strive to understand your needs and offer solutions. 

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With instructors who are not only experts in their field, but have education degrees, Tech Nerd Services provides high quality instructors for your training needs. 

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Need Help? Tech Nerd Services provide experienced technicians to diagnose and resolve issues with your home electronics.

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  • Tutorial: How to install Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Long Term Support)
    Despite its uses, Linux operating system is not as well known as Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s Mac OSX systems. However, Linux is prevalent in Android phones, smart TVs, the internet of things, and a vast majority of the internet’s server infrastructure. There was even a short period of time where Linux was found on netbooks. […]
  • Tutorial: How to Install Easy!Appointments on Ubuntu 14.04
    Easy!Appointments is a FREE and open source online appointment booking and management system. It allows clients of businesses such as hair stylists, spas, and tutors to view and book appointments from available time slots. Easy!Appointments can manage customers, services and staff and can be implemented on a pre-existing website. Learn how to install Easy!Appointments on […]
  • Google Tips: An Overview of Google Classroom Features (2015)
    Google classroom is a learning management system (LMS) designed by Google and implemented through Google Apps for Education. Learn the various features within Google Classroom including the new 2015 updates such as Discussion Questions and Calendar integration. Read on to find out more.  Video Tutorial Written Tutorial Google Classroom is only accessible through the Google […]
  • Tutorial: How to Install Wallabag on Ubuntu 14.04
    Wallabag is a free and open source webpage saving application used to store webpages for future reading or referencing. Wallabag saves the text and images from a webpage and reconstructs the page within the application for an easy to read interface. It even predicts how long it will take to read the article! Read on […]


Elaine W. - Hua Photography

My sole computer which I stored all of my personal photos, music recordings and so much more crashed and would not even turn on again! I was absolutely horrified as I had not backed anything up! To my utmost JOY my computer was brought back WITH EVERYTHING RESTORED!!

Anonymous - GETCA Conference Attendee

Great presenter! Very prepared and knowledegable. Invite him back please.

Meipsy S. - Fort McMurray Public School Teacher

What a great session! Bring [Tech Nerd Services] back, we have learned so much these past few days